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Utility Innovation

By Doug L. Baldessari, CPA, Partner, July 13, 2017

Utilities have been around for a long time with some delivering potable water for over 100 years.  With water and sewer utility rates staying relatively low for a lot of utilities in Indiana and across the Midwest many utilities may not have put much thought into being innovative or efficient.  We have seen significant increases in utility rates over the past few years resulting from increasing legislative requirements and the implementation of construction programs for new infrastructure necessary to comply with sewer Long-Term Control Plans and aging infrastructure.    

It is time now to focus on innovation and efficiency for your water and sewer utilities which can in turn help keep your utility rates and charges lower than they would otherwise have to be to meet the requirements of your utility.  It is counterintuitive but it may cost a bit more now to save money in the future. 

What is your utility doing to be innovative or more efficient?

In future series of articles on innovation we will discuss what innovative utilities are doing to save rate-payers money now and in the future.  

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