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Is My Fiscal Plan Adequate?

Due to the lack of a threat of remonstrance, many communities have traditionally prepared super-voluntary annexation fiscal plans in-house. However, with the change in annexation laws in the summer of 2015, the required content of the fiscal plan became more complex and cumbersome. As a result, many communities have outsourced the preparation of their fiscal plans, even for those super-voluntary annexations that were once pretty simple and straight-forward.

Are you one of those communities that still tackles the challenge of an annexation fiscal plan in-house? If so, are you meeting the new requirements of Indiana Code? Are you well-versed on the proper residential deductions, the application of tax caps and other property tax nuances?

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Three Compelling Reasons to Address Surplus Bond Proceeds

Do you have surplus bond proceeds remaining after completion of a project? There are three very good reasons to develop a plan for utilizing these remaining proceeds.

1. IRS Requirements;
2. Indiana Code Requirements; and
3. Financial Stewardship.

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