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Funding Fire Services

Are you struggling to fund fire services? It happens throughout the state, and the consequences of insufficient funding can indeed pose dangers to life, health and property.

There are five options for funding fire services:

1. Fund fire services out of current available revenue.
2. Extend your tax base.
3. Enact a Public Safety Local Tax Income (LIT).
4. Fire Service Consolidation (Territory or District).
5. Fire Protection Territories and Fire Protection Districts are not the same.

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Creating Economic Improvement Districts

We are often asked by our clients, “How can we fund public infrastructure for a designated area?” One option is an economic improvement district.

Municipalities (except townships) can establish economic improvement districts to assist financing public improvement projects such as roads, drainage, landscaping, lighting, parking facilities, sidewalks, residential improvements, utilities and other infrastructure.

A district has defined boundaries made up of multiple parcels and landowners. For example, a district could be a residential subdivision that needs street repairs.

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