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Utility Legislative Update (Part One in a Series)

The 2017 legislative session is now in the rearview mirror. And while “infrastructure improvement” was a key buzzword during the session, transportation funding was definitely in the driver’s seat. New funding for water and wastewater projects did not get a green light; however, legislative architecture was put in place to provide additional funding in a future session.

Public Law 233 (formerly Senate Enrolled Act 416) enhances the ability of the Indiana Finance Authority (“IFA”) to support infrastructure investment in the State’s water and wastewater utilities. The IFA is now responsible for monitoring and studying “events and conditions that bear upon the ability of utilities to provide clean and safe drinking water in Indiana for the foreseeable future.”

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2018 Budget Preparation Begins

The third quarter is all about creating a budget you can live with for 2018. It will be crucial to your success in 2018 to properly craft a budget and complete each step on time.

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