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Who? What? When? Where? How?

By Heidi L. Amspaugh, CIPMA, Principal, March 08, 2017

New requirements for the DLGF TIF Management Report due April 15th.

Redevelopment Commissions must meet many reporting deadlines through the year, as detailed in a previous Vision article “Redevelopment Commission Annual Requirements”.. Here’s a deep dive into information needed for the required Department of Local Government Finance TIF Management Report which is due April 15th.

Who has to report to be filed? All cities, towns and counties in Indiana have to complete this report.

What? A detailed report on your Redevelopment Commission’s previous year’s activities

When? Due on or before April 15th.

Where’s the report to be filed? The report must be filed through the DLGF Gateway, and provided to the executive body and fiscal body of each unit that has a redevelopment commission, authority and TIF areas.

  • Details to include in the report: The annual report must include specific information about prior year activities as prescribed by statute. Here is what typically is required:
  • Names and officers of the RDC
  • RDC employees and salary/compensation amounts
  • All RDC expenditure amounts and purpose,categorized in State Board of Accounts disbursement categories and subcategories
  • Year-end total TIF revenues and expenditures
  • Fund balances of any TIF-related funds including bond funds
  • Principal and interest outstanding and maturity date for all TIF-related outstanding obligations
  • Principal and interest paid on all TIF-related outstanding obligations
  • A list of all parcels included in each TIF allocation area, including each parcel’s base assessed value, incremental assessed value,etc.
  • New Information required as of July 1, 2016 includes:

    • the establishment and expiration dateof each TIF allocation area, including any amendment dates and reasons amendment,
    • applicable Indiana Code section underwhich the TIF was established,
    • reason for establishing the TIFallocation area and,
    • requires uploading legal establishing/ amending documents for each TIF allocation area.
  • You can get step-by-step guidance from the DLGF Gateway User Guide by clicking here.

How? We can help you organize your data and submit through the DLGF Gateway. Please contact Umbaugh at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) if we can be of assistance.

Information in this article was believed current as of the date of publication. As you know, changes occur frequently. The information presented is of a general educational nature. Before applying to your specific circumstances, please contact us at


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